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Minnesota Divorce Attorney:
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Understanding the Divorce Process in Minnesota

Minnesota Divorce Attorney

No two divorces are alike, and many are rife with complexity, stress, and emotion. The legal process in Minnesota is intricate as it often involves other legal disputes like spousal maintenance, child support disputes, child custody battles, and the distribution of assets and liabilities.

Why Choose Us As Your Minnesota Divorce Attorney?

Working with a well-rounded Minnesota divorce attorney can make all the difference during divorce proceedings. Sterle Law has extensive skill in child support, custody and visitation, and orders for protection, as well as a deep understanding of Minnesota’s divorce laws and procedures. 

We aim to build genuine relationships with our clients, so we can compassionately approach each case and understand their unique experiences and circumstances, while crafting strategies that will support their needs. We’re adept at personalizing our guidance, which is evident in our successful divorce cases. 

So you feel prepared for divorce, we have outlined the basics of divorce  a brief overview of the legal process, and the key issues to address in a divorce settlement.

Many Minnesota divorce cases must settle at least one of these family law issues. Through Sterle Law’s guidance, we can minimize complications and stress.

Custody and Parenting Time

A major component of many divorces is custody and parenting time cases. Our team can help you negotiate legal and physical custody and parenting time schedules.

Child Support

Comprising basic support, childcare support, and medical support, child support is determined by state guidelines calculated by a parent’s income and a parenting time arrangement.

Division of Assets and Debts

Assets and debts are either nonmarital or marital in Minnesota. If the assets and debts were inherited, owned before the marriage, or can be traced to a debt or asset owned before the marriage, they are non-marital. Other assets are marital and are typically divided equally in divorce proceedings.

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal support or alimony is designed to assist one spouse in meeting monthly living expenses if the other spouse has the capacity to provide that assistance. Spousal maintenance is not meant to equalize each person’s income.

Key Issues to Address in a Divorce Settlement

To create a thorough agreement and avoid potential future disputes, several factors are important to consider during a divorce settlement:

Property Division

State laws guide the distribution of property, including assets and debts. It is important for each party to have a clear understanding of their finances to guarantee equitable distribution.

Spousal Maintenance

A spousal maintenance component to a divorce settlement will determine if one party will make regular payments to support the other party. Sterle Law can help you carefully consider the duration and amount of spousal maintenance.

Child and Custody Support

Joint or sole child custody, visitation schedules, and child support payments may need to be decided. We can help you decide on these agreements.

Debt Allocation

If you have mortgages, credit card balances, and loans, these must be allotted in a divorce agreement.

Tax Allocations

Tax considerations concerning spousal support, property division, and dependency exemptions should be analyzed to avoid tax consequences. Our team will lend our knowledge in these matters so you avoid any unexpected or unnecessary repercussions.

“Divorce is a decision to prioritize your well-being. We're here to ensure you receive a fair and just outcome that empowers your next chapter."