St Louis County Criminal Defense

St. Louis County is located in the Arrowhead Region of Northeastern Minnesota and is the largest county east of the Mississippi River. As of the 2020 census, it has a population of 200,231 and a total area of 6,860 square miles, with Duluth as its county seat. The county is known for its natural beauty, including lakes, trout streams, and forests. It has a rich history built on logging and iron ore abundance. Major industries in the county include pulpwood production and tourism, as well as open-pit mining of taconite. St. Louis County is part of the Duluth, MN–Superior, WI Metropolitan Statistical Area.

St Louis County Criminal Defense

Trusted St Louis County Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or someone you care about has been accused of a crime in St. Louis County, Minnesota, Sterle Law’s trusted advisors can provide an aggressive, strategic legal defense. With extensive experience working with clients and criminal cases in St. Louis County and the Duluth region, our attorneys have the insight and resources required to tackle the charges against you.

We defend St. Louis County residents against many types of criminal accusations, including:

At Sterle Law, our clients are more than just a case number. We spend time with you to understand the unique complexities surrounding your charges so we can build a defense strategy tailored to achieving the finest possible outcome. Whether negotiating with prosecutors or taking your case to trial, our St Louis County criminal defense team has the knowledge and determination to advocate for you at this critical time.

Criminal accusations come with devastating consequences if not properly defended. You can trust the experienced attorneys at Sterle Law to support you throughout the entire legal process and ensure every resolution is considered. Contact us today to schedule a free, completely confidential consultation to discuss your charges and next steps. The earlier you retain our services, the sooner we can build your defense.