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Minnesota Family Law

Our clients at Sterle Law may be experiencing some of the most stressful situations in their lives. We have developed a reputation for success in Northern Minnesota family law and across the state. Our compassionate team will build the foundations of a strong personal relationship, individualizing our attention to each person and striving to ensure they are comfortable and prepared for a potentially complex legal process. This client-centered philosophy is why we consider ourselves your trusted advisors and advocates for your future.

Minnesota Family Law

Orders for Protection Hearings

Domestic Abuse Act enables victims of domestic abuse to pursue restraining orders, referred to as orders for protection (OFP), against alleged abusers as a means of protection. These protective orders are entered between family and household members when domestic abuse is present and are meant to prevent the accused from subjecting the victim to physical harm, bodily injury, assault, and the infliction of fear. Our supportive legal team will work thoughtfully with you to prevent you from further danger.

Types of Orders and Their Implications

The Legal Process for Orders for Protection Hearings

Impact of Orders for Protection on Your Life

Custody / Visitation

By law, both parents have legal rights to their child(ren). Parents have the right to make decisions like childcare, schooling, healthcare, religion, and more on behalf of their children. Unless these rights are legally denied to a parent, both parents are entitled to be involved in the decision-making. Sterle Law has a wealth of knowledge supporting individual parents in their efforts to protect their children. Our collaborative process, pervasive knowledge of Minnesota’s child custody laws and procedures, and proven track record of results will give you peace of mind.

Types of Child Custody Arrangements

Factors in Determining Child Custody

The Legal Process for Child Custody Cases

Child Support

Child support refers to basic support, medical support, and childcare support. In Minnesota, child support is calculated per a formula determined by state law. The amount of child support owed is ultimately determined by the courts; however, the formula ensures an understanding of how much a parent may owe or how much a child is eligible to receive. We’ll advise you on estimating how much you are likely to owe, what your child is eligible to receive including medical coverage and disability benefits, and how your taxes may be affected. We aim to ensure your understanding of these financial concerns as the foundation for protecting your rights and interests. 

How is Child Support Calculated?

Determining Child Support Amounts

Rights and Responsibilities of Payers and Recipients

The Long-Term Impact of Child Support Agreements


The legal processes for divorce in Minnesota are intricate as they often involve other legal disputes like spousal maintenance, child support disputes, child custody battles, and the distribution of assets and liabilities. Sterle Law has expertise in child support, custody and visitation, and orders for protection, as well as a deep understanding of Minnesota’s divorce laws and procedures.

The Legal Issues Involved in a Divorce

Key Issues to Address in a Divorce Settlement