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Minnesota Hunting & Fishing Violation Lawyer:
Protecting Your Outdoor Privileges

Understanding Hunting & Fishing Violations in Minnesota

Minnesota Hunting & Fishing Violation Lawyer

Minnesota is a haven for outdoor activities, including hunting, trapping, and fishing, for Minnesotans and travelers alike. There are numerous fish and game regulations established through the state’s Department of Natural Resources, as well as many federal regulations, that one must be aware of.

Why Choose Us As Your Minnesota Hunting & Fishing Violation Lawyer For Your Case?

Sterle Law has a deep well of knowledge regarding these hunting and fishing laws and regulations. Violating them may result in a substantial fine, revocation of your firearms or other property, or voiding of your hunting or fishing license. As avid outdoorsmen, we create vigorous and effective defense strategies personalized to each of our clients. We have a proven track record of defending against hunting and fishing violations, including importing protected species, poaching, or hunting game animals out of season. 

A brief guide to hunting and fishing charges and the legal process are below.

Common Charges and Potential Consequences

Typical violations include the purchase and selling of wild animals, fishing without a license, fishing in a management zone or protected area, illegal transportation of firearms, and hunting over bait. 

Violating the hunting and fishing laws and regulations are considered criminal charges in Minnesota; therefore, you have the right to defense counsel. We recommend you do not ignore any tickets or summons to appear in court, which will only exacerbate the legal situation and may lead to an arrest warrant. Simply paying the fine for a ticket may also lead to potential consequences as it may be seen as an admission of guilt. For example, a conviction of a fish or game violation may lead to the loss of your right to hunt in a neighboring state or Canada.

Legal Process After a Violation

Upon receiving a citation for violating a hunting or fishing law in Minnesota, the legal process may involve the following process:


Following a citation, law enforcement will investigate to gather evidence to support their charge(s). Sterle Law will examine the case to determine if there are holes we can exploit for our defense.

Potential for Plea Bargains

As our goal is for you to maintain your licenses and access to your firearms so you can enjoy your hunting and fishing privileges, we will explore opportunities for plea bargains or reductions of charges. We are adept at circumventing the need for trial.


If the hunting and fishing violations go to trial, we will prepare a sound defense to protect your right to hunt and fish in Minnesota.


Should you be convicted, you may be subject to penalties like license revocation, fines, or other legal ramifications, but our ultimate goal is to avoid this at all costs. 

Licensing Procedures

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is responsible for the validity and issuance of licenses after conviction. More information about the procedures and requirements needed after a conviction can be found through the DNR Information Center at 651-296-6157 or 888-646-6367.

Lifetime Licenses

Lifetime licenses are offered for specific hunting and fishing activities, and these licenses will remain valid for the licensee’s lifetime, even should they move out of the state of Minnesota. If that should occur, they are only eligible for the lifetime license purchased when they were a resident.

Impact of Hunting and Fishing Violations

The lasting impact of violating fishing and hunting laws and regulations may include fines, revocation of firearms or other property, or revocation of hunting and fishing licenses. If someone is caught transporting or possessing protected wild animals in violation of the game and fish laws, it could lead to a gross misdemeanor, which is subject to extensive legal penalties.